Now you know about the Ultimate guide to pick the best bike rack and the best hitch bike rack for your car and bike.

How about other types of the bike rack?

And what are the best bike racks brands in this 2020?

A bike rack is a crucial gear to hang, keep your bike along in transportation with a car for a long trip. There are 3 main kinds of bike rack: hitch mount bike rack, trunk mount bike rack, and roof bike rack. Each of them has different pros and cons that suit different vehicles and usage purposes. Today, I will show you the 5 best brand bike rack reviews and one specific option that should be considered when choosing a bike rack.

Let’s dig in!

Top 5 Best Bike Rack Brands Review In 2020



Thule is always the first name to call out in the race with their variety of racks and carriers. The brand included bike racks, trunk racks, roof racks, roof boxes, roof baskets, winter sport racks, or water sport racks. So, it gives you a lot of options not only for cycling but also for other sports.

Although the average price of the rack could be a little bit higher with other options and brands, the security of the rack is guaranteed with most attach systems equipped for the platform hitch bike rack such as Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack.

Trunk mount rack model from Thule gives bikers the retain feeling that not a lot of other brands can ensure due to the cradle anti-sway cradles. The design is also privileged with the maximum of 3 bike handles that are 7” apart to prevent the bikes from contacting others or the car.

In general, the bike rack models from Thule have always been designed with a high-end carbon frame that is more endurable and safer for the vehicles.



Another cheap but great usage brand I want to mention about – Yakima bike rack. With the main mission that focuses on family experience, the Yakima produces most of the family or sports options such as Snow Mounts, Cargo Boxes, Bike Mounts. Additionally, most of the products have Limited Lifetime Warranty, you don’t have to worry about the damage of the racks.

The most popular and premium Yakima bike rack could be the Fullback Premium Trunk Bike Strap Rack. With a modern and elegant design and the tough external pair of frames will surely make you feel comfortable and worry-free while driving.

Meanwhile, the HoldUp Evo Hitch Bike rack should be the valuable hitch bike rack for the family that can fit the fat tires of BMX or any road bike.

As I mentioned, this brand should be a good choice for multiple bikes with a variety of styles of racks.



Allen should be best known as the bike rack for hitch mount racks and trunk mount racks, and so the affordable price. If you’re looking for a summertime handler, Allen should be the best idea. With easy setup products, Allen has made the brand spread widely in the US since its convenience.

With only $40, you can already get an Allen Sports Deluxe 2-bike Trunk mount rack. Cheap, right? With the tie-down individually retaining the security and protection for bikes, you won’t have to worry about losing your bikes on the long road drive.

Or if you prefer the hitch rack for multiple bikes, the Allen Sport 4-Bike Hitch racks should be the best one to consider. With the easily folded carry arms, it’s easy to keep the rack down when it’s not in use.

In sum, if you are looking for a cheap and easy setup bike rack brand, this Allen should be put in the bucket list.



Saris bike rack is the most famous with their signature trunk-mount rack design from the Saris bones trunk bike (1, 2 and 3 bikes handle) or the Saris Bones EX. So, what’s that specialty?

One most special design that you can distinguish the Saris trunk bike racks from others is the curve shape that also called injection-molded arms made the handle become the strongest one to be compared with other different trunk-mount racks in the market. Therefore, not only 1 or 2 bikes, the small rack model of saris can hold up to 3 bikes securely. The height of the handle is also easy to adjust due to 3 levels of the ratchet.

But it will be a myth if I don’t mention another great option of hitch bike rack that Saris offers – the Glide Ex Bike Rack Hitch Mount rack. It amazes me with up to 5 bicycles that can be carried on the road including eBike (that not a lot of brands can handle). The strong look and big handle would never disappoint you with a huge capacity of a maximum of 50lbs.

Though Saris offers us a few options for the bike racks, I think they are all the great options for 2020 to buy.



Last but not least, Kuat should be the best choice for any bikers that love platform bike racks. Why so? They are famous with 2 great value platform bike racks – Kuat Rack NV Base and Kuat Sherpa. With mid-range prices and can hold 2 bikes at a time, the Kuat should be the best choice for a couple or a small family.

With universal hitch wide from 1.25 inches to 2 inches, you firstly don’t have to worry about the hitch. With a quite familiar design with Thule T2 Pro X2, the capacity of the Kuat Sherpa can hold up to 40lbs per bike.

About the safety of the vehicle, both Kuat models have the built-in cable lock. With simple and lightweight design with only 50 lbs which is much lower than other platform rack models. The Kuat one delivers more convenience usage and easy carrying.

I would recommend this bike rack model for anyone who prefers the jobs done without any efforts.


In sum, yet it’s hard to pick the best suitable rack for your bikes and car along with this market. But lucky for you, each of the brands has its own identity and famous type of bike racks. It helps a lot of narrow down the choices when you know What types of bike racks are available in the market

The above top 5 Best Bike Rack Brand, hopefully, will bring you closer to the purchase of your favorite bike rack.